Leadership Practice Studio

Powerful Live Sessions to

Build Your Leadership Practice

Classes are live, online and limited to 5-7 people, to enhance your experience and human interaction. Sessions are 1-hour in duration, and you can register for any of the following sessions.


Creating my Leadership Toolbox

Build your leadership practice with a set of new tools, to navigate the complexities of your leadership journey. You will actively create a new toolbox to keep with you at your desk. Have markers, index cards and/or sticky notes handy.


Conquering Leadership Doubt

Come to this class with a challenge, doubt or obstacle. You will move through a process to better understand where you are 'stuck', and gain new insight around what is needed now for you to evolve yourself and your leadership.


Conscious Leadership for Deliberate Action

How do I make conscious choices of where I want to spend my time in my leadership path? In this class you will take an advanced approach to exploring your conscious choices, patterns, and your potential.


My Noble Purpose in Leadership

What is the greatest complement someone could give you as a leader? This and other questions will be used to tease out your own "Leadership Noble Purpose". In this class you will define and create your noble leadership statement.


Leadership Counsel & Peer Review

Come into a collaborative space to both seeking counsel from peers & to give advice. Share your leadership journey and your top 3 questions in this moment. Together we will curate and discuss, in service of the belief that your valued journey is a learning space for us all to gain insights and perspective.


My Leadership Journey. My Arena.

What is the path of my leadership journey? What do I want to achieve? What am I rumbling with? How do I make sense of it all? This session helps you draw your leadership journey, articulate a conscious path forward, and form an 'arena of practice' to get you there.

How to Join an Online Studio Session:

  1. Pick the session from the list above.

  2. Pick a time on the calendar below.

  3. Use the contact us form to reserve your seat, each session costs $55 Canadian+tax ($45 USD)

  4. Look for a confirmation email within 24hrs to confirm your attendance details & payment.

*If your budget is limited and your interest is high, please contact us to discuss a reduced rate. We will reduce barriers to help you reach your full potential.
**Attendance vouchers are transferable, if your plans change.

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