My Top 10+ Books

Holon Leadership Inspirations

Here are some of my favourite books that have influenced my own leadership journey. My hope is that they inspire and cultivate a leadership practice for you.

Dare to Lead (and her book Rising Strong) are key references for me in leadership capacity and development.

Infinite Mindset is a paradigm for leaders to see past their own ego and path and instead "advance towards an infinite vision that benefits everyone". To have an infinite mindset means to see abundance, work towards a 'just cause', and to have the courage to lead.

Middle Passage by James Hollis is foundational for me in conceptualizing the reorientation of Self, and the journey to becoming.

The Path Made Clear is filled with quotes and passages from a beautiful collection of inspirational people that help you tap into your purpose.

Up Ghost River is a pivotal piece for my own decolonization work in understanding of the atrocities of residential schools in Canada.

Julie Diamond's book Power is a user guide to form our own 'powerprint'. It adds to the diversity and inclusion conversation by diving into the complexity of the topic. Just by looking at someone doesn't mean you know their relationship or triggers to power.

Creativity, Inc. helps make the invisible of creativity visible. The best part of the book for me is the end - p.315 onwards that provides starting points for cultivating a creative culture. Good tips in here for leaders.

How to Talk brings the lessons of truly 'listening' to a clear, usable place. Written for parents (a form of leadership), I reread it and saw its value for teams. To truly listen means to stand beside someone and receive their words and experience.

Rising Strong helped me visualize leadership as an actual practice, not a skill that is acquired. In the arena of life, how do you Rise from all the challenges? And do so in a way where you learn and grow, rather than spin your wheels and repeat patterns?

Reinventing Organizations helps us see that "Teal" organizations are possible. The question is, do you have the self-leadership to engage in the reinvention of self, to contribute to greater impact through an organization?

In Tribes, Seth Godin shares that there are two things for you to know (1) individuals have more power than ever before in history (and so what are you doing with it?) & (2) the only thing holding you back is lack of faith. Boom.

Have faith in self, cultivate abundance (thank you Deepak Chopra), and get some coaching to cultivate faith in Self.

Seth Godin inspires self-leadership here. To take the responsibility of your life, stand into your power and possibility, and go for it. Everyone has access to a microphone, we can choose to do the work we are capable of, and we can make a ruckus in the world. It's Your Turn...

Notes From A Friend is a classic. Tony Robbins basic principles. Practice gratitude, persistence pays, learn from setbacks, and be unstoppable.

Bullet Journal is a useful productivity book to lay out your notebook. Best tip ever: create an index at the front and fill it as you go.

Creative Collaborations is a powerful resource for me when advising on creative cross-sector and cross-organizational collaborations. Literacy and fluency of collaboration is challenging at best - and yet so required today.

In Loving What Is, Byron Katie's 'The Work' is foundational for self-leadership. The four key questions helps you learn from your triggers, to cultivate a greater sense of self.