Brokering Collaborations

Team learning (c) Kelvy Bird

Building multi-org alliances to more effectively achieve the intended impact.

Working together means consciously designing cross-organizational collaborations.

Collaborations that invest in the alliance and relationships are positioned to succeed...

Invite Holon Leadership into your multi-stakeholder collaboration when:

  • New groups are being established

  • Facing changes and transition

  • Rumbling with power dynamics

  • Having circular conversations

  • Struggling to make effective decisions

  • Building trust and confidence is needed

Working with Holon Leadership

We work with you to design a series of working sessions.

Sessions are responsive to the collaboration in its current state, and the road-map towards its intended goals.

  • Understanding the current story

  • Putting the issue at the center

  • Having tough conversations when needed

  • Designing the alliance

  • Now what? Creating the road-map

  • Developing your toolbox for successful ongoing collaboration

Holding spaces to build effective alliances for collaborations that work.