What clients are saying.

"Saralyn is an exquisite facilitator and coach. She is uniquely gifted at crafting and holding space, and creating a container where it is possible to let go and Be. She helps you feel prepared without making you feel like it's a lot of work. She meets you where you're at. She is supportive, kind, encouraging, accepting, and challenging. I learn from being in sessions with her, and I always feel like I want more. She has helped lift me - and my team - closer to being our best. "

Cari Patterson

Director of Research & Evaluation | Inspiring Communities

"Saralyn brings a beautiful energy of deep intention and calmness to each circle that gathers and each individual conversation. Her intuitiveness to see and hear what is unfolding and reflect it back in ways that can be heard and honoured has been a privilege to witness and benefit from. She grounds those involved and roots the journey in a brave and authentic dialogue that reveals what is stirring. Her approach is her natural place of being in the world and you can sense that, and it allows for people to be vulnerable and tap into their leadership potential in new ways. Both myself and Pillar have been fortunate enough to tap into the gifts Saralyn brings to her coaching and leadership team development that has created more reflective ways of being and more strategic paths both individually and organizationally. "

Michelle Baldwin

Executive Director | Pillar Nonprofit Network

“Our team highly recommends Saralyn as a trusted guide through any leadership challenges and development goals. Being with Saralyn allowed our team members a safe space to explore the tensions that exist within and around our people and our work. We practiced in ambiguity and uncertainty and found a new common language that we can use to continue to drive learning and growth towards the goal of an autonomous, high-performing team. “

Karina LeBlanc

Executive Director | Pond-Deshpande Centre, University of New Brunswick

The Inspiring Communities backbone team engaged Saralyn at a pivotal time as we were forming our practices for working together and clarifying our individual roles and responsibilities. We worked with her over several sessions to address questions and concerns around power and decision-making, and how to bring more joy and celebration into our work. Saralyn's skillful facilitation, thoughtful questions and effective way of nudging the conversation in an open and constructive way helped us to navigate potentially challenging topics in a positive way. She made us think, made us laugh, and created a supportive environment.

Annika Voltan,

Executive Director | Inspiring Communities

I'd recommend Saralyn and Holon Leadership to a colleague or a friend because she's just really adaptive and fluid... she has this really wonderful ability of being able to hear what is said, and hear the message "below" what is said... and change her style so that she like, meets people where they are at...

Tyler Colbourne

Community Animator | Inspiring Communities

"If you have the chance to work with Saralyn, take it! I have worked with her on a medium-term coaching project through my organization and the results have had immediate benefit in our ability to push through tough moments and come to agreement on big decisions. Saralyn has a natural confidence that brings out creativity and good conversation. Her years of experience in the social sector comes into play with many coherent and helpful examples from her career."

"After sessions with Saralyn I feel both relaxed and energised. She does embody the coaching aspect with motivation and clear actions to take forward."

Lewis Muirhead

Project Lead | NouLab, Social Innovation Lab

"Anyone who is ready to invest in their own personal growth, question their limiting beliefs, and step into their own power should seriously consider working with Saralyn. After working with Saralyn for the past few months, I can already tell that I show up in my work with more intention, purpose, and clarity. Because of our time with Saralyn, our team was able to bring up the issue of equitable compensation among team members and we are now in the process of co-creating a new compensation model as a team.

Speaking as someone with a mind for details and processes, Saralyn's sessions are always organized with intent and thought through thoroughly. You always feel hosted and taken care of during the sessions and oddly relaxed after they are done. If you're reading this and wondering if Saralyn's services are right for you, ask yourself: "Do I want to be a better leader? Do I want to be part of a more resilient team"? If the answer to those questions is yes, then Holon Leadership is where you need to start."

Shawni Beaulieu

NouLab, Social Innovation Lab

"Saralyn is a magician when it comes to navigating one's inner world and for me she has been essential in me really starting a journey of personal exploration, learning and deeper inner work.

She has started to help me see and understand what I do to limit my growth, reduce my power or try to reduce others through her loving no bullshit reflections. I am starting to see myself differently, which, really how often can you say that?!

To be honest I have never invested in myself in this way, financially or in time, but I cannot stop because I have found Saralyn's energy an aid in this time of growth in my life.

If you are ready to work, ready to not always be comfortable, and ready to look at yourself from all angles, then working with Saralyn is a smart move because, though it is not an easy journey, you will always feel loved and supported as you grow into who she sees you as."

Joanna Brown

Joanna Brown Consulting

"Saralyn helped me to see new possibilities and further deepen my understanding of the sector and my own leadership trajectory. She helped call-out the elephant in the room while also positioning my leadership struggles in a broader frame that helped me to better understand my work."

Jessica Lax

Growth & Partnerships Director | Ashoka U

Coaching Peer Testimonials

"Working with Saralyn has been a joyful and valuable experience. As a coach she brings positive energy, structure, lots of creativity and above all deep connection. She takes you along a journey that may feel a bit scary at the start. However, as a professional guide she ‘walks’ with you to ensure that you won’t get lost. This feels very safe. Through her structured approach you make substantial progress in relative short time!

What I like a lot about Saralyn is the way she shares her tool(s) and notes with you during the coaching. And you know that after each session you’ll get a fabulous overview with a summary of the coaching, an analysis and clear actions. Saralyn helped me to deal better with my inner voices that sometimes act as well trained, professional saboteurs."

Dick Rüger

Coach, facilitator, trusted advisor | Dare2Change

"Saralyn and I are team coaching peers. She is my trusted advisor and go to person for brainstorming on design, as well as best tools and skills to meet clients where they are. Her intuition, perception, intelligence genuine care, creativity and can do attitude are the remedy for any challenging situation. I am grateful to know and team with Saralyn."

Gina Tritschler-Kirnberger

Leadership and Team Intelligence, Human Resources | Cisco Systems