Coaching for Coaches

Be present, and come from a place of curiosity.

Coaching is possibly the most powerful learning technology we have to help people through the fog, towards their most fulfilled life.

You may be a coach who runs your own business. You may be a 'Leader as Coach' who brings coaching as a part to your work. Either way, you are coaching the whole person in front of you - and you want to do it well...

A Coach has the power to disrupt undesirable patterns, and reshape conversations. It is a privilege to hold space as our clients Rise.

Ready to level-up your Coaching work? Work with Saralyn as an ally, thinking partner and advisor on some of these questions:

  • What is holding me back as a coach?

  • How do I coach virtually? How do I provide some of these exercises online?

  • What is 'My Why' for my coaching? Does 'My What' attract the ideal clients?

  • How do I design sessions against client goals? What if the session doesn't go as planned?

  • I am a coach, not a business owner. How should I work "on" the business systems like marketing, communications, and client management.

  • What is my own journey?

Working with Holon

We work together to design a series of sessions focused on your goals.

What you can expect is an arena of practice, growth and learning that includes:

  • Developing your coach toolbox

  • Uncovering root issues that hold back your brilliance

  • Defining clarity around your 'Why' and your goals

  • Reflective practice to find the answers within you, with some sage advice along the way

  • Mapping your journey to what you want to learn and achieve

“People want you to be present more than they want you to be perfect.”

~ Marcia Reynolds