High Impact Team Coaching

Team learning (c) Kelvy Bird

Creating high performing teams, for greater impact...

Team Challenges

These are the most common challenges teams are facing in 2020:

  • Significant stress

  • New roles and responsibilities

  • Power dynamics

  • Ineffective team communications & decision-making

  • Cross-cultural team issues, unconscious bias, racism

Impact & Benefits of Coaching

Our clients say that coaching helped by:

  • Revealing a greater sense of shared purpose as a team

  • Deepening relationships and appreciation of one another (empathy)

  • Building a more integrated and aligned team

  • Providing new insight into critical team issues

  • Increasing team resilience

Sustained Improvement

These are the enduring capabilities our client teams build:

  • Clearer lines of communication, responsibility & accountability

  • Reduced conflict and greater alignment

  • Continuous learning as a way of working

  • Making effective decisions

  • Increased confidence: “A belief that we are amazing and fierce and we will figure things out together.”

Consciously design how your team will work together, to maximize success.